School History

Peaceful Wolf T'ai Chi Ch'uan

In 1995 David began teaching one class to his co-workers at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. The next year after leaving CCMT he began teaching weekly classes in many different locations throughout Eastern Connecticut, ranging from Manchester to Waterford. This grew to fourteen classes a week. At this time he took the name Peaceful Wolf T'ai Chi Ch'uan for his school/classes.

He rented space in Colchester and established a school location in 1999. For five years this location flourished but the overhead was daunting. With the help of a few students who had knowledge about building plans began to develop to build a school on David' property in East Haddam.

The project took two years total. There were various difficulties along the way. It took some time for the building inspector to approve our plans and to grow to believe we knew what we were doing. Eventually he was very helpful and supportive. The whole process was exciting and one of learning and trust. Thirty-two students worked on building our school. The first classes were held in the school in the fall of 2004 after David returned from his second trip to China.

The number of students has continued to grow slowly over the first ten years in our new location. While we are located out in the country at the end of a gravel road students sat that part of the T'ai Chi experience is the drive through the woods."